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About Us



Blvck Box Gym is not your typical gym. We are a unique and inspiring facility for functional training, mixed martial arts, dance, yoga, and meditation, and our emphasis is around cultivating your positive mindset.


Our mission is to impact and improve the health and wellness of our community through these practices. We are passionate about providing high-quality programs and providing a positive energy atmosphere where success and superior health can be achieved. 


Our philosophy lies on 3 core elements of the human being:

Element 1: The Mind

Element 2: The Body


Element 3: The Soul


All 3 of the Elements mentioned above is the simplicity behind

our philosophy and the best method of training that delivers real results.

            THE MIND


Everything begins and ends in the mind. Our number one goal is to ensure the highest quality and purest form of positivity with the mind-body connection is bridged through our Trainers and Facility

            THE SOUL


At Blvck Box we have formulated the best methods of incorporating Meditation and Yoga to connect your spirituality on a higher level. This training is designed to help you establish a strong foundation for your well-being that is irreplaceable. Our Meditation and Yoga instructors are impeccable and delivering a world-class experience in all aspects of spirituality.

              THE BODY


The body responds based on what the mind feeds it. The body is a direct reflection of how the mind expresses its intentions. Our goal at Blvck Box is to ensure the body is tested and built with endurance and stamina. All of our Trainers are experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping you become your best self from the inside out.

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